Life with Linux - Part 1

Life with Linux - Part 1

I’ve decided I should probably start writing more. So I’m going to try and write a series of posts about my transition from Mac to Linux. I’m really excited about it so I think it’ll be fun for me as well. I’m hoping I can at least offer some perspective for others who share the same thoughts as I do about it. I’ll start off with the general why and how and then transition into specifics in later posts. So without further ado…..

After much careful deliberation I decided to take a leap of faith this year. Despite all of the training and experience I have invested in Macs, I decided to change directions and make the switch to Linux. It wasn’t an easy decision, and I still like Macs, but I just felt like our developer community in general wasn’t getting the attention that it needs from Apple. The newest release for the Macbook Pro was disappointing to say the least. At least for me. I don’t like the touch bar in any way shape or form, nor do I find the lack of the escape key helpful. It just seems like Apple kind of forgot about our developer community. I’ve never heard of any issues like these coming from the Linux community, which helped my case to make the switch.

These thoughts started increasing over the past year. I’d been getting worried about what I was going to do as literally the months went by and my old Macbook Pro Mid-2009 continues to get phased out and becomes less compatible with newer macOS versions. It’s crazy because no matter how much money I put into this thing it’ll never be able to upgrade any further to any newer macOS versions. Not only that, I’ve recently learned that it’s not compatible with important tools that I need to run for work, such as Kalabox, which runs with Docker. I was starting to get embarrassed with more and more things becoming incompatible with my machine. It’s not how I wanted to start my new job either. I just recently started a new remote developer position and the last thing I want is for my machine to not work well enough and become unreliable.

So what were my options? For me, it was keep purchasing an older/newer model of the Macbook Pro or switch to Linux. I just wanted to get an awesome machine that had all of the functionality I was looking for, along with an affordable price. My solution was to purchase a sweet Linux machine from System76 and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Overall, my new System76 machine is incredible, reliable and stylish as well. Not to mention, it was almost half the cost of a new Macbook Pro and it has the specs that you could only find on a $4000 Macbook Pro model.

I’ll go into further detail in my next post. For now I wanted to just get some thoughts out and share some insights and experiences for others who might be in the same position. I’m also super excited about System76 and wanted to show some love. It’s a very exciting time for me. System76 has made my transition to Linux a very comfortable and almost seamless one. So for that, I thank you System76 team and will be sharing some more love in my next post soon.